Covide effect on medical doctors nurses died

situation worked like almost

know about the situation in china that some of the medical staff medical doctors nurses died of the hobby night skin infection and they worked like almost  hours I didn’t know what to say that uh I definitely felt like this and we also see that if .


We have something that can protect them from their work like a robot we are willing to do that and if .

  • we can keep them safe they also can save a lot of patient life as well so on behalf of the patient .
  • They are willing to cooperate with the robot about this but anyway the robot still need to improve a little bit you know great thank you so much uh so .
  • The next question comes from grace in the Philippines who asked are there projects for collaboration for disaster resiliency that could possibly be replicated as a best practices collaboration uh it’s quite.
  • A good point as well I don’t have a details much about the collaboration but i know that right now the president of .
  • The July Logan university we are sure in those of the faculty members try to cooperate with the other organization at .

The university as well so I think that we also have a lot of upcoming projects actually uh yesterday i got a meeting inside my school the college of public health science also mentioned about apron as well is

The network that we can share and collaborate and heal together because abiu we also have some kind of uh challenge knowledge right like a webinar like this and.

  • I know that in the management level of the president of the July long university also kept in touch and also maybe have some more projects going on with the abiu as well and also i think I’m not sure about
  • Vaccinations if you hear about the vaccinations in Thailand from the July long hospital they also try to make the vaccine as well but right now it’s new in .
  • The animal study but they plan to start testing in human food I think they also have a collaboration with other country as well to invent for
  • The vaccination for the Kobe  okay great let’s see the next question comes from retinol from Indonesia and basically the question is about the the testing so the rapid testing for uh .
  • There’s nothing for antigen testing and so what do you think the most proper technology can be used to come up with an effective and efficient.
  • Test for early detection okay that’s quite a good point right now the sweep head also has some points that .
  • We need to improve as well even though they say like some kind of the accuracy about  to  percent but it doesn’t show much some kind of the uh classification for .
  • The sensitivity and specificity I can say like that but at least it’s kind of the initial screening test to to to screen first and then uh go for .