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golden teacher mushrooms

Mushroom  is composed of two parts: mycelium and fruiting body. The mycelium is Buy golden teacher mushrooms.

The vegetative organ and the fruiting body is the reproductive organ. Mycelium germinates from mature spores . 

The hyphae are multicellular with transverse septa, elongated by the growth of .

The apex, white, slender, wooly , and gradually filamentous. The hyphae conjugate with each other to form dense 

Groups called mycelia. After the mycelium is saprophytic, the dark brown medium turns light brown. The fruiting body of a mushroom 

Resembles an open umbrella when mature

It consists of cap, stipe , gill , ring, pseudo mycorrhiza and other parts. Mushrooms have medicinal properties.

Biological traits Commonly called mushrooms are a class of fungi, the fruiting bodies of basidiomycetes . 

Fruiting bodies are the aerial parts of basidiomycetes that grow out of the ground, and look like an golden teacher mushrooms .

Umbrella inserted in the ground 

There are also white filamentous, spreading mycelium underground, 

which is the vegetative part of the basidiomycetes, that is, the non-reproductive organs. Under a certain 

Temperature and humidity environment, the mycelium obtains enough nutrients and begins to form fruiting bodies.

The fruiting body emerges from the ground like an egg in the early stage, and 

Rapidly develops into a fruiting body with caps, stems, receptacles , and rings. 

Mature fruit bodies vary greatly in shape, size, height, color, texture, etc. 

The large diameter can reach about 40 cm and the height  Up to about 50 centimeters.


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