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With growing so many mushroom varieties, it’s important to keep up with consumer and market trends. Not only do we monitor the demand for wild, exotic varieties, we also work hard to provide many different options for staples like Whites, Browns, Buy shrooms online and Portabellas. For instance, we offer our best-sellers pre-sliced, organic, even ones with High Vitamin D, because we know what our customers want: convenient, healthy choices. 

It’s why we maintain close relationships with and follow other produce industry authorities to stay fresh and continue leading the U.S. mushroom market. We align our own data and expertise with trust sources like Information Resources Inc. (IRI) to predict growing trends before others. This is prime knowledge we share with our retailers!

In addition, every four weeks we share a detailed retail Tracker Report, which provides insight into category dollar sales, segment and variety sales, the average price per pound, and other helpful metrics. Download this month’s report today!

Category reviews help you make course corrections & guide your future category goals. 

No matter how diligently you track and finesse your category management, we’re all people and we all make mistakes. The important thing is to Health recognize where the error was made and make a quick course correction or make crucial changes to reduce spending in the future.

Sometimes, the error isn’t blatant either. It could be optimizing a process or adjusting the items you stock to increase sales and stop inefficiencies.


When we assess your category reviews, we typically work with your Sales Manager to make the course corrections for key improvements. For example, a retailer might notice an increase in shrink on sliced White Mushrooms and ask us how we could prevent this wasteful spending. 

We might suggest they put fewer facings in the planogram of sliced Whites and instead replace them with sliced Baby Bellas. After a few weeks of careful monitoring, the retailer realizes the Bellas are selling and fewer Whites are being disposed of— and they couldn’t be happier!

The Benefits of Category Reviews in Action

In today’s COVID environment retailers continue to ask how to maximize sales and profits while the industry is being challenged with supply. Below are two retailers, one small and the other a national chain, that after some coaching pivoted on their current strategies and centered on consumer demands while still not giving up their overall goals for the category.