Magic Mushroom Strains

Magic Mushroom Strains

Magic Mushroom Strains

magic mushroom strains

There are many different strains of magic mushrooms, but some are more common than others magic mushroom strains.

For example, Golden Teachers are more popular than others, due to their caramel colored caps with a triangular bump in the middle.

Although their potency is low, they can provide a spiritual journey.

Some people also grow Golden Teachers for therapeutic use, but most people find them too strong for their tastes.

The B+ strain is the most common, and is widely available worldwide.

Among the many mushroom strains, the Kathmandu strain is most popular due to its long-lasting and strong hallucinations. It is believed that Allen collected this variety, but only mentioned one Nepalese variety. Because of its well-rounded composition, it has a good balance of quick colonization, low contamination risk, and ease of spore collection and germination. It is a good choice for those seeking a potent experience.

Another powerful strain is the Great White Monster Mushroom. It is used to treat chronic pain and anxiety, and is one of the most potent. This strain contains a high percentage of psilocybin and has a large mushroom size. In addition, its potency is very high and has therapeutic benefits. Unlike other types of magic mushrooms, it is legal to grow and is often grown in professional settings. It is an excellent choice for those who have a limited budget, or are looking for a high-quality, low-risk experience.