Mushrooms: discover the different types and learn recipes

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See which are the 36 different species of mushrooms, each with a distinct taste

The unattractive Stoner patch dummies (and kind of weird) appearance of mushrooms becomes a mere detail when they are served as a main course or accompaniment to different delicacies. “The flavors“.

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unmistakable, its harmonization with the ingredients and the high nutritional value make it an interesting food to be used in different cuisines”, says nutritionist Ana Fenella, from São Paulo.

Unraveling the hidden flavor in these fungi is not an easy task, since there is a good variety of species – there are about 36 edibles grown in the world, according to Embrian (Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation),

not to mention the very delicate and subtle taste that doesn’t always conquer the palate in the first bite. In Brazil, the best known and most consumed (in that order) are Paris mushrooms, shiitake and various types of Himeji. not to mention others

less popular species, such as eryngium, salmon pleurites, Portobello, name, among others. “In flavor, for example, they

vary between soft and accented notes. In terms of texture, there are the most resistant and fibrous or the soft and delicate ones”, says chef Hideki Fuchikami, from São Paulo.

The variety of mushrooms is not just in types. In addition to choosing the one that best suits your taste, you will need to decide between its various forms of marketing.

You can find them dried, frozen, fresh or canned. Unanimously, the chefs recommend, first of all, to taste the fresh ones. “As they contain 80% to 90% of water, they are highly perishable”, notes nutritionist Silva Fierro.

 When buying, first touch the mushroom with your fingertips. If it sinks and comes back in one piece, it’s fine, if it breaks it’s a sign that it’s a little over the top. Also note the colors and structure. “The hat must be in one piece.

In addition, most mushrooms darken when they are spoiling, the ideal is to be in their natural color”, teaches chef Glider Nascimento, from São Paulo.

 Another tip is to watch the humidity. “If it is viscous, it is a sign that it is deteriorating, as mold loves humidity”, says nutritionist Ana Fanelli. Lastly, look at the manufacturing date. “Ideally read the label and follow it correctly,” she says.

When you get home, you should immediately store them in the fridge. Wash them only at the time of use and always gently. If you don’t prepare the whole mushroom, place it in an airtight container, compatible with the amount stored, so as not to add moisture and spoil it.

The natural flavor of the fungus is not as intense as the fresh one. The most common in this case is the Paris mushroom. When buying it, store it immediately in the freezer and, at the time of preparation, it is not necessary to defrost. Just use it directly in the cooking

choice – whether a stir-fry, a stir-fry, a grill or a roast. It does not need any kind of previous seasoning. Durability is around 90 days, but it is important to check the instructions on the packaging.

The original flavor of the mushroom is usually lost, since, being too porous, it absorbs the “taste” of the preserve. Despite being the first way to consume mushrooms in Brazil, the options are also limited.

In this condition, the most common fungi are Paris mushrooms and Porcini. In its conservation method, olive oil or, most of the time, water, salt and an additive to acidify the product are used. The closed pot lasts up to two years.

When opened, on average 10 to 15 days. It is essential to store it in the fridge after opening the jar. It is not recommended to temper it. Mushrooms come ready to use.