Must-see! Summary of the great health effects hidden in mushrooms

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The “fungal diet” that eats fermented foods such as miso, nettop, and cheese every day is being reviewed. Speaking of fungal food, mushrooms are one of them. Nagano Prefecture is the “mushroom kingdom” And You Can Also buy mushroom online .

That boasts the largest production of mushrooms , including beech mushrooms, which have begun artificial cultivation for the first time in Japan, enokitake mushrooms, which are indispensable for hot pot cooking, and name mushrooms, which have a unique slimy texture. I can’t stop!

mushroom kingdom

Mushrooms have been revealed one after another to have good health effects, such as the ability to prevent cancer, the ability to smooth blood, and the ability to suppress the visceral fat that symbolizes metabolic syndrome in recent years. increase. visited the Nagano Prefectural Rural Industry Research Institute, which is researching and developing mushrooms, regarding the great health benefits of small mushrooms.

The beginning of the research is that there are few cancer deaths in the enokitake cultivation households.

The Nagano Prefectural Rural Industry Research Institute was established mainly by the Prefectural Economic Federation and the Agricultural Cooperative Prefectural Federation, and is a pioneer in the sixth industry, which handles processing and technological development for adding value to agricultural products. Currently, as a safety check organization such as breeding excellent flower varieties using biotechnology and analyzing residual pesticides in agricultural products, it plays a role in delivering safety and security to consumers, as well as developing mushroom varieties and cultivation technology. We are also conducting research and development.

A doctor assigned to Nagano Prefectural Welfare Ren Hokusai General Hospital proposed that “mushrooms may be effective against cancer”, and the hospital and Nagano Prefectural Rural Industry Research Institute conducted a survey and research from 1972 to 1986. .. I thought so because at that time, the cancer mortality rate of Nagano prefecture as a whole was about 160 out of 100,000, which was the lowest in Japan. As a result of a preliminary survey, surprisingly, there are about 97 enokitake growers who often eat enokitake. By gender, the ratio was even lower, with about 57 males and 40 females.

Based on the results, from 1998 to 2002, the National Cancer Center Research Institute, JA Nagano Koseiren Saku, Nagano Matsu Shiro, Hocusing, and Shiono Hospitals, and Nagano Prefecture Rural Industry Research Institute conducted joint research. An interview survey was conducted on the frequency and amount of mushroom intake and eating habits. As a result, it was found that the risk of stomach cancer and colorectal cancer is reduced in “people who eat more than 3 times a week” compared to “people who rarely eat enokitake mushrooms and beech mushrooms”.

In experiments using mice, it has been confirmed that enokitake mushrooms have a carcinogenic preventive effect and Bunashimeji mushrooms have a cancer metastasis inhibitory effect.

◆ Let me give you an example of a mushroom that has been shown to be effective in terms of functionality.

[Antioxidant (removing active oxygen) action]
[Anti-allergic (rash, collagen disease, etc.) action]
[Blood flow improving action (blood smoothness)]
 Nameko, Bunashimeji, Enokitake
[Blood pressure lowering action ] ]
 Reishi (mannentake), shiitake, maitake
[cholesterol lowering effect]
[dementia improving effect]
[visceral fat suppression]
 beech mushroom

Research continues

The Nagano Prefectural Rural Industrial Research Institute is still developing excellent mushroom varieties today.
According to Director Kenichi Nishizawa, “From the producer’s point of view, breeding has been improved by improving the medium to make it easier to cultivate, increasing the yield, and improving the appearance color (white in the case of enokitake). That’s right), but from now on, we are shifting to improvements from the consumer’s point of view, who are looking for highly functional products. “

There are three ways of thinking about the function of food. The first is “whether it becomes nutritious”, the second is that it has a sense of “delicious”, and the third is the “biological function regulating action” that is said to be functional. In addition to regulating nerves, endocrinology, and digestive function, it also enhances immunity such as aging suppression to prevent or improve diseases. Mushrooms with such functions are perfect for preventive medicine, where you protect your own health, and for the idea of ​​the same source of medicine, food, and food to maintain your health by eating.