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penis envy mushrooms is now legal in Canada. The government has granted dispensations to thirty patients since August 2020. These dispensations allow them to use the drug for therapeutic purposes. A group has been established that connects these patients with therapists and doctors who can provide treatment with the drug. 

As the use of the drug for therapeutic purposes has become more common, there has been a public push to reconsider the ban on the substance. Oregon legalized psilocybin in November 2018.

Psilocybin is a psychoactive substance. It has potential for treating a wide variety of mental health disorders. Currently, most research on the substance is in the form of case reports, retrospective studies, or open-label trials. More rigorous studies are needed to understand the drug’s true impact and clinical utility. Nonetheless, the drug is available for recreational use and can be a good option for some people with mental health issues.

Currently, Canada does not approve the use of psilocybin for medical purposes. As a Schedule I drug, it is subject to high misuse risks. Despite this, psilocybin is widely accepted for use in research as a treatment for depression and other conditions. Amy Morin, a writer and podcast host, shares her experiences with psychedelics. However, people with pre-existing mental health conditions are at greater risk of experiencing negative effects.


penis envy mushrooms

Despite its relatively low potential for addiction, psilocybin has been studied extensively in the treatment of alcohol dependence. Because it has an antidepressant effect, it may be a safer option for drug abusers. Its serotonergic effects have been linked to a reduced likelihood of addiction compared to other psychoactive substances. In addition, clinic-only use would minimize the possibility of diversion and misuse.

If you’re considering buying psilocybin, you’ll need to know which rules apply in your jurisdiction. In order to purchase psilocybin in Canada, you’ll need to be a regulated health care practitioner and the drug must be manufactured under the CDSA. 

In addition, you’ll need to apply for a Special Access Program request if you plan to import psilocybin from elsewhere. You must also be a licensed dealer to be able to import the drug into Canada.