Top CRO's for Drug Development

Top CRO’s for Drug Development

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If you’re looking for a reputable CRO, you’ve come to the right place. These clinical research organizations are a top choice for drug development. These companies can help you conduct clinical trials in a number of therapeutic areas. Here are Top CRO’s for Drug Development to consider: Vial, CMIC ASIA-PACIFIC, PTE. LTD., PSI, IQVIA, Syneos Health, and others.

Vial CRO Announces New Oncology CRO

Vial Therapeutics is a new oncology CRO that will focus on accelerating the execution and ensuring quality trial outcomes. It will leverage the latest technology, such as integrated clinical trial management systems (ePRO and EDC), to make trials more efficient and effective. Its new team of clinical research professionals include Dr. Antoni Ribas, a pioneer in immuno-oncology.

Vial’s team includes Betsey Zbyszynski, Head of Clinical Operations; Jason Shuris, Head of Sales; Janet DuBois, M.D., Medical Director;, and Justin Withers, M.D., Head of Dermatology. The Vial CRO team also works with a pre-screening call center that engages qualified subjects. The goal is to enroll as many eligible patients as possible.

The Vial team also includes Janet DuBois, MD, who is a principal researcher at DermResearch in Austin. Other executives of the CRO include Justin Withers, MD, head of dermatology, and Mamta Hunt, head of quality assurance. Together, these executives have 100+ years of experience in dermatology clinical trials. Together, they have run over 150 trials, spanning many common dermatology indications and Phases 1 through 4.

Vial CRO was founded in 1999 and has a mission to empower scientists with technology to cure all human diseases. The company’s innovative technology platform powers end-to-end trials and is backed by deep relationships with industry experts. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and boasts over 125 employees. As of August 2018, the company had completed more than 750 clinical trials and has contributed to over $1 billion in research.

Top CRO's for Drug Development


CMIC Asia-Pacific, PTE. LTD. is a Singapore company headquartered at 6 SHENTON WAY. Its main business is RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTAL DEVELOPMENT OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. The company focuses on medical science and life science.

The company provides services related to pharmaceutical development, manufacturing, and sales. It operates through two segments: Healthcare Solution and Pharmaceutical Solution. The former covers professional services related to clinical study and clinical trials, while the latter deals with the development and support of vaccines against new infections such as coronaviruses. It also works with local governments to contribute to personal health.


PSI is a global, full-service contract research organization (CRO). The company received top marks in the CenterWatch Global Investigator Site Survey, which was conducted from October 2014 to January 2015. The CenterWatch survey measured 37 attributes of successful projects, and PSI received the highest marks in each. The company’s exceptional investigative site relationships helped it earn its top spot.

PSI is a global leader in clinical study startup, and has been in the industry for over 20 years. The company has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry, and focuses on recruiting high-performing teams.


IQVIA is one of the top Clinical Research Organizations (CRO) in the world. Founded in 1982, the company provides laboratory, analytical, and biopharmaceutical development services. It also provides consulting services for phase I to IV clinical trials. The company has a global reach, with more than 88,000 employees working in more than 100 countries.

Although its revenues are largely based on clinical trials, IQVIA has a steady data business that accounts for approximately 40% of its revenue. In addition, it has a higher focus on late-stage clinical trials than on early-stage trials.

Syneos Health

Syneos Health is a publicly listed biopharmaceutical solutions company that provides a full range of services to companies involved in late-stage clinical trials. Their expertise lies in developing innovative solutions for pharmaceutical companies seeking to make medicines more accessible to patients. They are based in Morrisville, North Carolina, and employ more than 25,000 people. In addition, they offer commercial solutions and consulting services.

Syneos has offices in more than 80 countries, and their expertise is in integrating clinical and commercial research into the overall strategy of a pharmaceutical client. They have deep experience in biopharmaceutical outsourcing and therapeutic research, and their relationships range from large, global pharma companies to smaller, mid-sized companies. The company claims to have deep expertise in several therapeutic areas, including cardiovascular and central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases, and women’s health.

Top CRO's for Drug Development


The Contract Research Organization (CRO) quality benchmarking study, conducted by ISR, ranks 50 CROs across 20 performance metrics. The research participants, drawn from biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes and decision-making authority, evaluated companies they had recently worked with. This method ensures that the ratings are based on actual involvement in the business. Moreover, CROs that receive awards must meet a minimum threshold of customer survey responses.

PPD is a global contract research organization founded in 1985. Its headquarters are located in Wilmington, North Carolina, and it employs around 23,000 people around the world. It reported $2.8 billion in revenue in 2018. The company was named a top CRO in the CenterWatch European Site Survey in 2010.